5 reasons to attend a marketing event in 2019

This year has already seen huge innovations in how financial institutions interact with their communities and members. Staying ahead of trends, technology advancements and best practices is no small feat, and doing it alone leaves us missing out on fresh perspectives.

By presenting marketing professionals with the opportunity to learn and grow in an exciting environment, CUNA Digital Marketing School and CUNA Marketing & Business Development Certification Schools offer an unmatched opportunity to network, ask questions and return to your credit union with cutting-edge insights.

If you still aren’t convinced, here are five reasons to consider attending one of these exciting events this year.

1. Influential Teachers and Doers

At CUNA Digital Marketing School and CUNA Marketing & Business Development Certification Schools, you won’t just hear from people who have knowledge on a subject. Speakers at these schools have diverse backgrounds and track records of innovating and evolving to successfully spark change within their organizations and the credit union industry.

Events like these bring together industry experts and current credit union practitioners, ensuring that the content and topics you’re learning about are both relevant and applicable to your own line of work.

2. Relevant Insights

The digital space is constantly evolving. Trends come and go; best practices can quickly be stomped out and replaced; new technology is introduced daily. It’s vital to the success of a credit union that employees remain ahead of the curve. These events are organized and developed to capitalize on important industry advancements.

By attending CUNA Digital Marketing School, you set yourself – and your credit union – up for success in the coming months and years. You’ll leave with an elevated and up-to-date knowledge of the digital marketing space and the skillset to capitalize on trends.

3. Networking Opportunities

Meeting and reconnecting with other credit union employees and marketing experts is an incomparable resource. By weaving a network of like-minded industry professionals, the amount of resources and references available to you skyrockets. Fostering relationships while engaging in networks and communities – including the Marketing & Business Development Council – provides you with the opportunity to bounce ideas around, gain insights and share success stories with like-minded professionals.

CUNA Marketing & Business Development Certification School provides attendees with the opportunity to learn in groups of professionals who are all at similar stages in their career journey. Don’t miss out on the chance to expand your invaluable network.     

4. Something for Every Credit Union

Whether your credit union is big or small, ahead of the curve or still getting ready to step up to the plate, CUNA Marketing & Business Development Certification Schools and CUNA Digital Marketing School feature a diverse schedule of sessions, covering a wide range of topics to learn from. You can confidently return to your credit union with applicable knowledge and skills.

“Every credit union can walk away with something to help them grow and learn more about reaching their members,” says Paul Bullington, attendee of 2018 CUNA Digital Marketing School.

5. Advance Professionally

CUNA Digital Marketing School and CUNA Marketing & Business Development Certification Schools offer attendees the opportunity to take big steps in their careers. If you’ve ever considered earning your Credit Union Business Development Professional (CUBDP) Designation or Credit Union Certified Marketing Executive (CUCME) Designation, these schools enable you to put this consideration into action.

These designations help you send a powerful message to members that you are an expert in your field and dedicated to your craft. By attending all three years of CUNA Marketing & Business Development Certification Schools and passing the corresponding exams, you can earn your CUCME designation. The CUBDP designation can be earned by attending the Business Development track of this school and passing the corresponding exam.

If you’re already a designee, one way to recertify either of these designations is to attend CUNA Digital Marketing School.

CUNA Schools & Conferences offer hands-on experiences to help you grow and succeed as a credit union professional. By attending a CUNA event, you interact and engage with the resources and tools you need to continue developing your credit union and your skillset.

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