5 tips for credit unions hiring millennials

It’s not all about money

Millennials know what is a fair wage for their work before they step in the door for the first interview. However, it’s not always the size of the paycheck, the most important thing to young prospects is the ability to grow within a company and for that company have an interest in growing them into a more successful person.

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Increase your online presence

You spend so much time appealing to potential clients online, you need to think about appealing to potential employees as well. Without a positive online presence millennial may think twice about apply as it could imply an unwillingness to evolve. The last thing a young employee wants to do is move backwards when they take a job.


Be upfront and open

Just like when marketing to millennials, you have to understand that very few of them have never known a world without the internet. Armed with super computers in their pockets tapped into an endless streams of answers, they have grown accustom to being able to know everything they want. For this reason, you have to be more transparent on why decisions are being made to foster trust and a feeling of value amongst your younger workers.

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Give immediate feedback

Being somewhat the pioneers of the internet space, where everything moves as fast as your strongest internet connection millennials don’t like to waste time. If they are not doing something correctly or are not suited for something address it immediately and get them back on track. On the flip side of that coin, treat their input as a unique asset, and ask for their immediate feedback.


Have set plans to attain career betterment

More so than any generation before, millennials are discouraged by seeing others promoted based on seniority. Every business should value performance over tenure, but that isn’t enough. Millennials like to be able to see their progress to a promotion. Having well defined requirements for each position and offering the tools anyone become eligible will see those roles filled with eager youthful workers.