5 tips to better inform post-pandemic hiring

The coronavirus pandemic has changed our approach to work – from how we manage our teams to our vision for the future. In leading through an unexpected crisis, there have been lesson learned. With the accelerating vaccine rollout and shift towards recovery, how can we apply some of these lessons to strengthening our teams?

While hiring is an ongoing process that’s always evolving, it’s clear that the past year has had an effect on how new team members are brought on board. I previously shared my thoughts on building a resilient team, but with continuing uncertainty about what a return to the traditional workplace will look like, it’s important for leaders to adapt their hiring process.

A recent article from Results CEO Tim O’Connor offers five tips on developing a post-pandemic hiring process to take into consideration.

  1. Don’t break what isn’t broken: While a lot has changed, that does not mean that the fundamentals our organizations were built on are no longer valid. O’Connor draws on principles that should underpin our hiring processes from my longtime friend and leadership guru, John Spence:


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