The 5 types of data analysis every credit union marketer should know

The old saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” is no less true today than it was decades ago, even though that simple picture has been replaced by myriad types of imagery. Humans are visual creatures, and many of us just absorb and understand information better when we receive data visually/graphically. That’s the fundamental premise that helps make data modeling so very useful for financial marketers.

Data modeling works because it is a visual representation of quantitative data that we can use to identify, analyze, and exploit interactions between data profiles. It allows us to compare and analyze sets of data, identify correlations and make educated interpretations and predictive assumptions — all capabilities that are particularly useful in customer acquisition.

In our new whitepaper, Supporting Customer Acquisition Through Data Modeling, we explain in more detail how to use data modeling to achieve marketing objectives like customer acquisition. Many of the subject areas we touch on are worth a deeper dive, so let’s take a look at how data analysis works in relation to data modeling.

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