5 unique lead generation ideas for your credit union

For years, lead generation for traditional marketers meant actively seeking out and educating prospective customers about your services through broad scope advertising methods, such as by purchasing an ad in a magazine or renting a trade show booth and tracking people down at events. However, that dog has seen its day. Nowadays, there are so many marketing outlets available that consumers are overloaded with information and simply tune most of it out. In addition, potential customers have more resources than ever when it comes to seeking out information. This has forced a change in the way effective lead generation is activated.

With so many customers looking for ways to educate themselves about your credit union’s products and services, it’s never been more important to utilize new tactics that put your information in the specific places they’re looking, and that establish you as a trusted expert for their financial needs. The great news is that social and digital marketing offers numerous ways for you to target and reach very specific audiences without the broad strokes which help to minimize or eliminate waste. You can now build lasting relationships with the specific customers you want to reach through constant, specialized touchpoints.

Here are five easy to implement social and digital solutions currently available when it comes to new customer engagement lead generation.

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