5 ways financial marketers can avoid the ‘quicksand of digital change’

What happens when financial marketers get stuck “doing” marketing? Stress goes up and goals are not achieved. The challenges of digital banking growth have made this situation increasingly common. For every marketer feeling overwhelmed, just one idea here may help reverse this trend.

There’s an increasing trend among financial brand marketing teams I work with: They report feeling stressed and overwhelmed thanks to the continued rise and focus on digital growth.

It’s an understandable reaction as marketing strategies have become exponentially more complex (some might say more confusing or even frustrating) thanks to digital.

Through ongoing research, we’ve found the primary reason most financial marketers report feeling stressed and overwhelmed is because they are stuck “doing” marketing.

Some are stuck doing marketing because they are “heads down” and so focused on the tactics of marketing they miss the opportunity to strategically plan for future growth. Others are stuck doing marketing because they are asked to do more with fewer resources.


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