5 ways good bosses make work less stressful for employees

by: Sienna Beard

It makes sense that as a boss you would want your employees to be happy. A pleasant workplace benefits everyone emotionally, but it can also lead to better results. A 2014 University of Warwick study from the United Kingdom found that happiness makes people more productive. The study found that the individuals whose happiness was addressed were 12% more productive. Increased productivity helps the company, and increased happiness helps worker morale. There are many ways that bosses can make work a better place, which can increase happiness and performance. Workers can benefit from rewards such as team lunches, but they can also benefit from having their opinion heard through various means. Team building can also be a great way to make work life more enjoyable. If you want to make work more enjoyable for your employees, here are five ways to start.

1. Provide food

Who doesn’t love food? We all do. People enjoy eating tasty food that they don’t have to pay for or make, and eating together has the added bonus of potentially helping your team to bond. There are many ways you can reward your team with food. Consider having catered lunches for important (or long) meetings. You also might be able to take your team out for lunch if you have a budget for that. Another fun idea is to order food or drink carts for particular occasions, such as an internal promotion, or a birthday. We all need to eat, and eating together promotes closer working relationships and can help boost energy as well.

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