5 ways to improve your in-house compliance training

I am frequently asked by credit unions how much and how often compliance training should be provided. Well, the first answer is the old “depends on the size and complexity of your credit union”. Not, very helpful, right? But, let’s get to some real answers that might actually help you take your training to the next level.

  1. If there is a regulation that affects your credit union, employees should receive some degree of training about it. Don’t try to squeak by using the minimum-that’s-required method and only provide BSA training, for example. It doesn’t help your credit union and it doesn’t help the employees if they are not receiving at least some level of information about the various regulations that affect what they do.
  2. Here is something else I hear often, “Management doesn’t want their employees to do all those online courses. They have their REAL jobs to do.” So, here’s the deal. Credit unions are HIGHLY REGULATED, period. We can’t simply stick our heads in the sand and say it doesn’t apply. If you can’t get buy-in from Management, go to the Board. After you explain to them that they are ultimately responsible for the Compliance Program, which happens to specifically include training, they may provide some needed support for enhancing your training activities.


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