5 ways to engage and empower offsite workers with mobile technology

Almost everyone has a mobile device for personal use. Many people say they can’t live without them. Researchers say up to 60 percent of the people on the streets are looking down at them.

But do they make sense in the business world? If so, how do you ensure that important business tasks are not interrupted by personal smartphone usage, like social media or games? Simple. Engage your users.

Here are five ways to ensure employees will use your mobile apps:

1. They need to work

The marketplace has trained users to expect great quality from mobile apps. With mobile apps created by Apple and Google, people know they are going to work well as soon as they pick up their devices.

However, as explained in the online article KIFSU and the Mobile User Expectations, nearly 80 percent of users delete an app after using it for the first time. So if your mobile applications don’t work well, don’t expect employees to use them.

2. Make them look great

When using our mobile devices for personal use, we expect a certain quality, look, and feel. That’s why business apps need to look attractive to users. There are millions of mobile apps vying for users’ attention, so your business apps need to be able to keep users engaged.

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