5 ways to successfully climb the career ladder

It takes more than hard work and expertise to advance in a career and achieve personal satisfaction. Sherrie Campbell of Entrepreneur magazine cited integrity, authenticity and patience as traits that will promote a successful career path.

Barry Maher, speaker, consultant and author, offered up this hands-on approach: “Hitch your wagon to a star. Find a mentor who’s moving up and help that mentor get wherever it is he or she wants to go.”

If you’re looking to climb the career ladder faster, consider these practical strategies.

1. Improve Your Leadership Skills

Not everyone is a born leader. However, most people have some trait or skill from which others could benefit. Knowing how to share that skill will increase your value to an organization. For example, if you know the capabilities and peculiarities of a particular software, volunteer to be the “go-to” person for those using that software and develop your own personal niche.

“Research has shown that leaders are made through the development of core leadership competencies such as strategic planning, critical thinking, problem solving and team building,” said Dr. Artika Tyner, an author, speaker and leadership and public policy professor. She cited a study by the University of Illinois that examined whether leaders are born or made. “The study supports the idea that … leadership development follows a specific progression.”

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