6 financial institution marketing tricks that work every time

If you are managing the social marketing content at your Financial Institution then you’ll want to read these 6 Financial Institutionmarketing tricks that work every time. As a content marketing agency for Financial Institutions, we know first hand what tricks work every time.

Offer an Internal Staff Contest to Gain More Followers

Is your Financial Institution relatively new to social media? Maybe you are looking to grow your followers? The first place we typically start with new clients is to have their Financial Institution offer an internal contest to their staff on Facebook (but this can be replicated on any platform, like Instagram).

Simply ask your staff to build up your followers with their family and friends to be entered to win a monetary reward (i.e. $100 Visa Gift Card). For every friend the staff member gets to ‘like’ the FI’s Facebook page, his or her name will go into the pot to win! If 10 friends ‘like’ the FI’s page, then that staff member’s name will be entered 10 times to win!


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