6 money misconceptions about millennials

As a Millennial myself — though, admittedly, at the very outskirts of the spectrum (younger Millennials are keen to point that out to me; can’t we all just get along?) — I can tell you that we’re unjustly dragged through the mud by the press. We’re lazy, entitled, self-absorbed, and demanding — or so claims the media.

Much of the shade that we’re thrown, as far as I can tell anyway, is just that — shade. Because contrary to popular belief, we Millennials are savvier and more responsible, especially where money matters are concerned, than we’re portrayed. To tips the scales back in our favor a bit more, here are six money misconceptions about Millennials, and why they’re wrong.

1. Millennials Will Be Renters for Life

I’m 34 years old, born in 1981, and I purchased my first home with my husband at 28 years old. Most of my Millennial friends own their homes, too. The idea that Millennials will be renters for life is an outdated belief, perhaps established during the housing crisis of the last decade, but it’s held on nonetheless. That’s all changing now.

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