6 reasons CO-OP’s acquisition of TMG is great for credit unions

Now that CO-OP and TMG are becoming a single, new-and-improved company, maybe you’re wondering what’s in it for you. We’re so glad you asked. Here are the top six reasons the combination of CO-OP + TMG is a win for your credit union:

  1. Simple is better. Here’s some irony: The more streamlined you want your member experience to be, the more complicated your job seems to become. By consolidating credit, debit, ATM and Shared Branching into a single, powerful, made-for-our-credit-union-clients platform, our aim is to make your job simpler – so that you can provide your members with a truly seamless and secure experience without creating complexity for yourself.
  2. More choices, fewer decisions. Clients of the new CO-OP will soon be able to choose from the full range of our products, services and solutions – but on one streamlined platform and without multiple vendors. We hope you like working with us, but we know managing extra vendors isn’t on anyone’s wish list.
  3. We’re going to fire up the jets. Both CO-OP and TMG have been looking to accelerate innovation for years now. As a combined company, we have more resources and greater scale than ever. That means more bandwidth for research and development, and a greater capacity to execute and deliver on new products and services.
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