6 steps to build a marketing strategy around financial education

Consumers are crying for help. According to research from the National Foundation for Credit Counseling, four out of five U.S. adults say that they could use professional advice about basic financial issues, half lack confidence in their retirement savings, and almost a quarter do not pay all of their bills on time. Consumers need answers, but the broad landscape of digital apps and products actually compounds the problem — where can they turn?

Banks and credit unions are perfectly positioned to offer the kind of financial guidance consumers so desperately need. Providing these educational resources isn’t just about social corporate responsibility either. Yes, the goal should be to improve people’s financial capability, but savvy financial marketers also turn their educational initiatives into strategic programs that fuel growth and attract new consumers.

Nine out of ten financial institutions already use financial education in their marketing strategy. Why? Because most know that financial education can pull double duty as content marketing. Financial education delivered as content marketing allows banks and credit unions to improve product and service conversion rates while providing real value to their consumers along the way.

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