6 ways to boost your team productivity

Understanding individuals’ motivations is the key to unlocking team productivity within your organization. Gone are the days of a 9 to 5 day in a quiet and boring office environment, where people were expected to grind out their daily tasks and take regularly scheduled breaks. With a new generation of workers, productivity in those types of environments has all but vanished. Instead, today’s employees are focused on fulfillment, both personally and professionally, and want to feel they are contributing something of value. In order to boost your team productivity, you need to understand their goals, and help them work toward them.

It sounds like a simple concept, but how do you put it into practice?

Letting Go

The broad answer to that question is you need to let go. Let go of strict schedules. Let go of time clocks. Let go of conference rooms and metrics. Stop micromanaging. You’ve hired the best people because you think they can do the best job – now let go, and let them do it. Stop focusing on the numbers and focus on whether the organization’s goals are being met. In this big-picture type of work environment, stop worrying about whether you got 8 hours’ worth of work out of someone, and start evaluating the worth of the end product. How they achieved the goal is not as important as whether they did.

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