6 ways to help ensure members’ security

To hack an online account, you need a password. Wrong. Today’s tech-savvy hackers have found a way around the pesky task of hunting down login credentials – using cookies.

In the online world, cookies do not refer to sugary confections best eaten with milk. Instead, cookies are sequences of letters and numbers your computer stores. Think of the times you’ve seen a “Remember me” box on a login page. By checking that box, you’re asking your computer to keep track of cookies.

Fraud Prevention Manager at CO-OP Ashley McAlpine says the beauty of cookies – from a user experience at least– is their ability to let you bypass repeated logins. That’s also what hackers love about them. Through reverse engineering, hackers can re-create cookies to trick websites into automatically logging them in. Then they have free rein to explore an account for as long as they want.

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