7.5 reasons to attend THINK 17

Develop Your Digital Mindset and Transform Your Credit Union

by CO-OP Financial Services

The financial services industry is being disrupted by highly agile, digital-centric companies and fresh startups, attacking the legacy of traditional businesses and creating new product categories.

THINK 17 will give you the tools you need to approach the challenge head-on. Need more reasons to attend? Here are 7 1/2Digital Transformation is the core theme of THINK 17 brought to you by CO-OP Financial Services. Why? Because:

1. Companies that have embraced digital transformation are 26% more profitable than their average industry competitors and enjoy a 12% higher market valuation. (MIT Center for Digital Business)

  • Only 26% of companies believe their firm has the right mindset to survive and thrive in the digital age. (PA Consulting)
  • 58% of financial institutions have failed to adapt to their internal processes for digital. (Bain & Company)

2. Customize THINK 17 to your needs and desires. Besides our amazing speaker lineup, we offer a networking lounge, office hours, late night ShopTalk in selected bars around Manhattan, and many other surprises that will make your brain hum and heart smile.

3. Three words: New York City. Or, one word: Manhattan.

4. We assembled the most prolific speakers and experienced practitioners in the field of Digital Transformation, Fraud and Payment. We just announced 1/3 of our lineup, many more to come.

5. Yes, we want to inspire you. More importantly, we want you to give you the necessary tools, inspiration and year-long motivation and guided support to accompany you on your own digital transformation journey. The 4 days in New York are just the start, our monthly roadshows and webinars throughout 2017/18 will help you to stay engaged and motivated.

6. Our closing celebration takes place at a location where “Wall Street” and “Ghostbusters” was filmed: Tavern on the Green.

7. THINK 17 continues to be the place where the most creative and forward-thinking credit union minds gather, collaborate and network. Why would you want to miss that?

7 1/2: Average May temperature in Manhattan: 66F max, 49F min. Record: 92F in   2000 and 35F in 1947. Anything is possible when it comes to weather in May.

Just like anything is possible at THINK 17. Register now.

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