7 greatest wealth lessons picked by an entrepreneur who finally ‘made it’

When Roberto Monaco left Tony Robbins’ company to start his own business, he struggled. For 6 years he had worked as a Peak Performance Strategist and speaker for Anthony Robbins Companies. He gave over 3,000 talks–a good number of them in Portuguese, his native tongue– and was extremely successful, consistently ranking as one of the top performers in his role.

But in 2008, Roberto decided to make a change and go into business for himself. Success was not overnight. He quickly discovered that a business owner carries many responsibilities that he’d never dealt with before as a speaker.

Roberto’s search for answers led him to attend one of our live workshops in Utah, where he had the first of many breakthroughs that helped him transform his business, his finances and his overall personal fulfillment. Now Roberto runs a very successful business that has helped thousands of people grow their influence.

Recently I met up with Roberto again on a live Webcast where he recounted several important lessons that I was able to teach him. Here are the 7 lessons that Roberto says helped transform his life and his business:

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