7 leadership lessons from Martin Luther King Jr.

A list of leadership lessons learned from MLK in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2016

On this Martin Luther King Jr. Day we honor one of the greatest leaders in our countries history. Here are 7 leadership lessons we can learn from the vision that Dr. King left behind.

1. See the bigger picture – One trait that made Dr. King unique was his ability to see beyond the present situation. He had a vision and dream that was so much larger than the time in which he lived. Think about what your dream speech would be and stay committed to your vision through the end.


2. Live your beliefs – Dr. King’s beliefs drove his actions everyday. Not everyone will fight for a national cause like him but you can rise to the occasion no matter the size of your cause.


3. Be disruptive – Dr. King’s cause was fueled by his refusal to accept the status quo. By challenging yourself to step outside your comfort zone, you create opportunities for evolution and innovation.


4. Don’t underestimate your employees – Dr. King once said,Never to underestimate anyone below you, that they have wisdom, life experience and are introspective.” You never know what qualities and experiences your employees can bring to the table.


5. Form strong alliances – Just as Dr. King aligned himself with community leaders and national politicians, establishing a network of mutually beneficial relationships is critical to success.


6. Learn and acclimate – Dr. King learned first-hand that no plan survives without making adjustments. Use any obstacles that may arise as opportunities for experimentation and growth.


7. Create passionate supporters – Dr. King gained the support of many by sharing his ideas for a brighter future. Painting your vision for others to see and understand ensures longevity of the cause.


Randall Smith

Randall Smith

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