7 leadership traits needed amid coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic is putting our leadership skills to test. It’s showing us the areas we’re strongest in, and those that need some work. It’s reminding us what’s important in times of crisis. How are you faring?

Mistakes will definitely be made as we adjust to the new reality of isolation, not seeing our coworkers, friends, and possibly family for weeks. But it’s the way in which you lead your team, your organization, and your members/customers that’s important – it’s not about perfection or having all the answers.

Business professor John Quelch, in a recent post for the Harvard Business School’s Working Knowledge, shares what he calls the “7 Cs for coronavirus survival” for leaders. These tips will help you focus on leading the right way to get through these trying times:

  1. Calm: Uncertainty causes stress and anxiety. It’s OK to feel these emotions, but make sure you have a proper outlet to release them. Otherwise, your pent-up negative energy could burst when it’s least appropriate. Stay calm as you communicate with your employees about the struggles you’re facing and how you’re going to address them (see these tips from last week on effectively handling frustrations).


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