7 money lessons I would give to my 20-year-old self

In present day I’m a successful financial advisor and entrepreneur. Based on some of the boneheaded money decisions I made in my 20′s it’s a miracle I can say that.

I’ve definitely learned from many of those mistakes, but if I had the chance to hop in a DeLorean and go back in time, here’s 7 money lessons I would love to give to myself.

1. Why do you have to be all GQ?

I’m not even sure if the term metro-sexual existed back whenever I was 20 years old, but there’s no question I was the epitome of it. While most guys who attended college were wearing American Eagle, and if they were lucky, Abercrombie & Fitch with their Asics running shoes, I was the guy shopping at the Gap GPS +1.64% wearing button-up shirts, knitted sweaters, and slick stylish shoes all while attending a junior college.

Sure, I had a part-time job and I could afford some of it, but the reality is that most of it went on a credit card or student loans – stupid debt for clothes that in a year from now I could care less about. I don’t even want to try to guess how much money I wasted on clothes that could have been used for so many different things.

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