ICYMI: 7 share-worthy facts about credit unions

We know credit unions are the best option for consumers. So do you. The important thing, though, is to tell the story over and over again. To Congress, to regulators and of course in our communities. The best ways to do that is through your individual stories as well as with some industry-wide facts! Here are seven facts about credit unions that show why our industry is so great. Pair this with some of the incredible stories you have with your own members and communities and you have a pretty compelling story to tell.

1 – There are 3x as many minority-designated credit unions as banks.

2 – There are 10x as many female CEOs in credit unions than in banks.

382% of large credit unions offer free checking, while only 38% of banks do the same.

4 – Credit unions put an average of $16 billion per year into the pockets of everyday Americans.

5 – Without credit unions, 90,000 jobs would disappear.

6 – Credit unions are among the highest-rated services ever evaluated by Consumer Reports.

7 – Credit unions have consistently grown loans to small businesses since the financial crisis when banks showed negative or minimal growth.

There is plenty more where that came from! Visit nafcu.org/cu-difference to download infographics and watch a video on the credit union difference. Why? Because credit unions make America stronger. Let’s share the CU difference.

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