7 things leaders should stop doing

As leaders, we are constantly analyzing what we could be doing better – developing new ideas and cultivating new strategies – especially at the start of a new year or new quarter. We intensely focus on putting these plans to action, figuring out how to achieve goals and implement new ideas, but it’s rare that we take the time to reflect on what not to do. What can we stop doing to help further the growth of our teams and ourselves?

Leadership and management coach and author Art Petty pulls inspiration from the late management thinker Peter Drucker and offers seven things to stop doing as a leader:

  1. Quit trying to be the smartest person in every room: Giving team members the room and encouragement to think, solve, and even fail is crucial. If those in leadership roles answer every question, present ideas that others will feel hesitant to disagree with, and make snap decisions, it can stifle creativity. As Petty puts it, it can create a “zombie-like culture.” Instead, Petty urges shifting focus on helping those around you to grow smarter and more self-confident. Ask questions, encourage alternate framing, and let those around you explore and experiment.


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