7 tips to drive loan growth in the digital age of buying

Time and again we hear similar struggles from staff at small to mid-sized Financial Institutions. Community Banks and Credit Unions struggle with the delicate balance of needing to increase core deposits, while also having goals around driving loan growth.

So, we are going to share some on tips for driving loan growth in hopes that we are able to help!

Tip #1: Find Ways to Make Your Loan Application Easier

This is a common struggle that we see with smaller institutions. Just this week we were building a landing page for lead capture in a Home Loan campaign, and we noticed that it took 4 clicks to get from the Credit Union’s website to their actual loan application. This is NOT ideal.

When possible, make what you are asking people to do as easy as possible. This should be the case in person and definitely online. Your digital request should be ONE CLICK AWAY. Kind of like disclosures, just make it seemless for someone to get to where you want them to go.


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