7 tips to share with employees to help reduce their healthcare costs

Many consumers will search for a coupon that saves them a dollar at the local supermarket, but when it comes to healthcare—a far more complex and expensive service—we rarely ask questions or consider all the options that could save us time and money. This behavior ultimately drives up the cost of health benefits for employers.

Imagine a world in which every American is a subject matter expert in the price and process of purchasing medical services. In this ideal healthcare system, each person actively shops around for medical services, comparing prices of services instead of going to just any facility or healthcare provider without giving it a second thought.

Encouraging your employees to become conscious healthcare consumers will ultimately improve patient outcomes and levels of satisfaction with the medical care they receive and reduce costs within the entire healthcare industry.

As an employer, if you want to help reduce employee health benefits costs for your business by encouraging your workforce to become more active participants in the process, you’ll need to set your employees up for success by providing the information and resources they need to make well-informed decisions.


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