7 ways to perform with excellence

As leaders, we all want our teams to use their talents well and perform with excellence. That means we need them to take responsibility, and there are steps that we can take to spur them on.

Alan Zimmerman, author, speaker and contributor to Entrepreneur, discusses seven such steps in a recent article. They are:

1. Help people get a vision of excellence. You might need to show your team what excellence means in their specific role.

2. Expect excellence. If you’re overseeing every aspect of your team members’ work, they may decide you expect them to fail. Set your expectations, then let your employees do the rest.

3. Lead by example. Simply put, “walk your talk,” Zimmerman writes.

4. Get a commitment to excellence. Feel free to ask team members what it will take to get them 100 percent committed to their current tasks or projects.

5. Reward responsibility.

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