7 ways to turn around a credit union’s culture

Culture in an organization is real. It isn’t some random, made-up term by consultants like me looking to get more contracts. Every organization, no matter the size or the amount of revenue, has a company culture.

A culture is simply the personality of the company. It determines how employees act, how motivated and engaged they are, how they contribute to teams, how they solve problems, how they produce results and ultimately how they serve clients.

It has been said that culture eats strategy for breakfast. If the culture is toxic, you will throw that strategy right up. Don’t expect positive results from a negative culture. Positive results come from positive cultures that are focused on growth. I call this a Development Culture.

If your organization’s results are poor, I suggest that your first look in the mirror. Look at yourself and your people. What kind of environment has been created? What is the climate of your organization? If you want to turnaround your results, you must first turnaround your culture.

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