7 Words to Omit from Your 2013 Action Plan

by Michael Hudson

It’s that time again.

The ideas have been shared, the options have been discussed, the critical decisions have been made, and the planning session is coming to an end.

Everyone agrees on what needs to be done and all that remains is naming the strategic initiatives and defining the action steps, the responsibilities, and the timelines.

It is almost time to celebrate, return home, and implement the plan.

But wait…there’s a problem.

The discussion about what to do stalls as action items are identified and those 7 dreaded words appear once again…

  1. Evaluate…as in taking a look at undefined or unconsidered alternatives in the hope that we will surface a guide map to where we want to go;
  2. Investigate…code for the need to learn more about things we should already know more about (or should have studied before the planning session or at some point during the past year);

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