8 expert tips for integrating speed and security

Credit unions actively involved in digital transformation should be equally invested in security. Though your members probably aren’t champions of specific security technologies or processes, they are certainly concerned about the safety of their data and accounts, and so you should be as well.

How do you integrate your digital technology for speed, analytics and features without compromising security? We caught up with CO-OP CISO Paul Love who shared these eight tips to keep in mind.

1. Recognize the innovation that’s happening around you.

You may be actively pursuing digital integration and innovation – and keeping security top of mind as you go. But you must also keep in mind the innovation that’s happening around you. To manage security across the enterprise, take everything into account. You might not be upgrading your mobile interface this year, but maybe your mobile banking provider is. Your vendors are creating new technology all the time (or at least they should be), and it’s up to you to consider what the security impacts are to your organization and your members.


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