8 symptoms of an unhealthy culture

Remember that feeling as a kid when your parents tried to take your temperature?

No, not that way.

I’m talking about when you were a little bit older, and they told you they needed to take your temperature. You knew that meant they were going to jab slide that thermometer in your mouth and stab it gently guide it underneath your tongue, right? And my, oh my, what a uncomfortable, often gag-inducing pleasant sensation that was.

There wasn’t a way around it, though; because they had to figure out if you had a fever. And Lord knows if you were allowed to self-administer it, chances were you were going to run that thing under some warm water until it registered the requisite two or more degrees of fever, thus exempting you from the day of school. (Wait. You guys did that too, right? Right? Bueller? Bueller?)


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