8 unconventional ways to master your credit union’s tech

The decision to invest in new credit union technology is not made lightly. There are many factors involved, not the least to be considered are cost, compatibility, and anticipated gains from tech provided efficiencies. Take for example the Efficiency Ratio often referenced as a measure of credit union success… Technology plays a huge role in driving that number. But what good is it to invest in technology if your employees can’t use it to its fullest potential? What can you do to ensure your investment is optimized? Sitting through vendor presentations and reviewing slides only goes so far. There’s a certain amount understanding and knowledge that can really only be gained from practical, hands-on use. Once your employees reach a comfort level with the basics of your credit union core processing software, what else can be done to encourage them to dig deeper and to further maximize your tech investment? Here are some ideas to help build on that knowledge and get them thinking out of the box… or at least out of the classroom.

  1. Join User Groups – User groups are a great tool and often overlooked as a source of information. Just about everyone has Googled the occasional IT question and found answers in a forum. Joining a user group for your specific technology platform not only provides another resource for troubleshooting answers but can make you aware of potential problems, provide workarounds or solutions, learn about best practices and also provide a network of contacts in your area.


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