8 ways to avoid card fraud during the holidays and beyond

By all estimates, the upcoming holidays should give retailers a reason to celebrate. According to Marketwatch, the 2017 holiday shopping season promises to be the second best since the end of the great recession – growing by 5.7 over the 2016 season.

A recent Deloitte survey indicates that this year’s holiday shoppers will purchase 15 gifts during the season on average — and spend approximately $228 more per household than last year.  Deloitte data also suggests that most gifts (51 percent) will be bought online, an increase of 18 to 21 percent over the 2016 holiday season.

While all this great news bodes well for your card portfolio, remember also that from Black Friday on fraudsters will be even more diligent in their efforts.  And, while fraud detection systems, analysts and strategies are tremendous assets you can leverage, the best way to stop a fraudster is with an informed, vigilant and technologically equipped member.

Here are some expert tips to share with members:

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