8 ways to save at the grocery store without using coupons

Grocery shopping can be a hassle, and having to take time to cut coupons can make it even worse. Here’s how you can shop without coupons and still save money.

1. Pick the right store

If you’re like me and find yourself shopping at different stores from time to time, you’re probably paying a different amount on the items you buy frequently. Try comparing these stores by shopping for identical items and figure out which store has the best value. Keep in mind the distance you travel to each store because it can add up.

2. Stock up on sale items

When there’s a sale, buy anything that you can freeze or has a long shelf life. If it’s an item that goes on sale regularly, buy enough to last you until the next sale. Compare your store’s weekly ads and figure out any sales patterns.

3. Take advantage of loyalty programs

Some stores require a loyalty card to get sales prices, so definitely sign up for one. It only takes a few minutes and you may even get discounts on gas as you use it. That’s a saving we all enjoy.

4. Check the unit price

Occasionally buying in bulk will save you money. But at a lot of grocery stores, the smaller quantity packages actually cost less per ounce. I like to keep an eye on that price and usually base my purchases on it. I would rather buy 2 half size packages if it’s saving me money.

5. Don’t buy prepared foods

You may think having to wash and cut food is an inconvenience, but it’s also a great way to save money. You may enjoy the ease of using prepared food, but you’ll pay for that benefit. Buy ingredients and create your meals. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to see how much you can save by cooking from scratch.

6. Don’t waste anything

Make sure you’re not buying anything you haven’t already planned on eating. If you buy on impulse, you may end up buying something that will eventually just get thrown away. Map out meals and snacks and don’t get anything you don’t really need.

7. Cook the right amount

Don’t make more than you need. If you follow the recipe on a package, you may cook too much food, especially if you’re only cooking for 1 or 2 people. Sometimes leftover are good to have, but a lot times they end up in the trash can. Make sure you figure out the correct serving size and adjust your purchases accordingly.

8. Shop less

This one is easy. The more you shop, the more impulse buys you’ll make. Look at your store’s sales schedule and shop only as often as you have to.

John Pettit

John Pettit

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