9 hacks for a perfect monthly budget

While the word “budget” may want to send some of us screaming in the other direction, creating a successful budget is actually one of the biggest gifts we can give ourselves. It not only seriously helps you out financially, but it does a ton to reduce the day-to-day anxiety so many of us feel when it comes to our finances.

I have so many friends that genuinely want to be better with their money and sometimes even become riddled with anxiety over what they’re not doing, but instead of creating a plan of action they put budgeting off for another month and continue living with the stress.

According to Jake Loescher, a financial advisor, in a piece for U.S News and World Report, “The biggest hurdle for people attempting to live on a budget is actually identifying every single category where income is consumed. Oftentimes this can be frustrating and – let’s be honest – some individuals can’t train themselves to track every penny.”

If you’re losing sleep over your monthly finances but don’t know where to begin, here are nine super helpful tips for getting started with a monthly budget.

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