9 money-saving tricks every traveler should know

In Savvy travelers know that they should book flights far in advance, and they know that packing a carry-on saves coin.

But master travelers take things just a feeew steps further, and they save big-time on trips as a result. Check out some of our all-time favorite money hacks for travel, and get ready for quite possibly the cheapest trip of your life.

1. Get your passport renewed NOW. 

If your passport expires in 2016, you are not alone. The U.S. State Department is expecting lots of passport renewal applications this year, now that a batch of 10-year passports from 2006 and 2007 are set to expire. In 2007, millions of Americans scrambled to get their first passports because the Western Hemisphere Travel initiative went into effect, which required passports for people traveling from Mexico, Canada, the Caribbean and Bermuda.

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