9 ways financial institutions can leverage social media to achieve business goals

From building brand awareness to targeting specific consumer segments with product promotions, social media can help financial institutions achieve a wide range of business goals

Most banks and credit unions have already integrated social media into their marketing mix. In fact, nine out of ten financial institutions are using Facebook, and more than half are using at least one other platform such as Twitter or LinkedIn. However, some financial institutions are still reluctant to fully embrace social media because they don’t see how it aligns with their real business objectives. Here are 9 different ways that social media can support your organization’s strategic goals and priorities.

1. Generate Brand Awareness

Creating awareness of your brand in consumers’ minds is an essential first step to achieving business results. In research conducted by Simply Measured, brand awareness is one of the top goals for many social media marketing programs. In fact, Facebook has even introduced a “Brand Awareness” ad specifically designed to accomplish this very thing.

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