9 ways to save money and your sanity when flying

Following these tips will take some of the sting out of flying in economy, help you stay healthy, and protect you from losses when things don’t go as planned

From long security lines to cramped cabins to rude passengers, there’s a lot to complain about when it comes to flying in economy today. Here’s how to make the experience at least a bit more tolerable.

1. Score the Best Seats

Start checking for available seats 72 hours before departure. That’s when airlines may start releasing those that were earlier reserved for people who have been upgraded or have canceled, which means you might be able to select a plum spot—without having to pay extra for it.

Consult the SeatGuru website for seating maps of most airlines’ planes, including seat pitch and width. Green seats have more room; yellow seats have at least one drawback (such as no window, limited recline or leg room, or proximity to a galley or restroom); red seats have multiple drawbacks. (Find out how much passengers feel the squeeze.)

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