A chance to lead

Young CU professionals can showcase their talents via grassroots advocacy.

I’d like to believe I’m still a kid at heart. But I must admit I have a hard time thinking like a millennial.

I have absolutely no idea what “woke” means. As far as I’m concerned, “Snapchat” sounds like having a quick conversation. And this new mannequin challenge thing— well, I plain don’t get it.

That said, I work hard to learn about young credit union professionals by talking to them as often as I can. I listen to their ideas and work with them to identify the challenges they face as they navigate a generally older work environment.

What concerns me is that, time and again, the challenge I hear most from these young folks is the perceived lack of leadership opportunities they have in their organizations.

Feeling as if they make a tangible difference in driving their credit union’s success is important to them. But many young people I’ve spoken to don’t feel they’ve been given a chance to prove themselves.


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