A compliance fellowship founder

Donald Montague values camaraderie among compliance professionals.

Donald Montague, CUCE, BSACS, has been a member of CUNA Compliance Community since its inception in 2015. In fact, you could make the argument that it was even earlier.

“I was in a group that initially provided feedback on the site to CUNA,” says the compliance officer at $1.7 billion asset Harborstone Credit Union in Tacoma, Wash.

Montague is one of the most active community members, with more than 900 responses to member discussions. He was also a Compliance Champion Best-in-Class winner in 2017.

Montague particularly appreciates the “camaraderie and fellowship that grows out of sharing a collective experience. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed at times. But others are there to offer advice, and it’s really helpful.”


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