A humble retiree with a mountain of accomplishments

Q&A with Wegner Award-winner Tim Haegelin.

by. Craig Sauer

In recognition of his outstanding leadership and selfless commitment to the credit union industry, the National Credit Union Foundation is presenting Tim Haegelin, a 2014 Herb Wegner Memorial Award for Lifetime Achievement.

Haegelin is the retired president/CEO of Generations Federal Credit Union in San Antonio.

Credit Union Magazine recently chatted with Haegelin about the award and his career.

What does being awarded a Wegner Award mean to you?

I can only describe the feeling as a state of shock.

As you work through your career, you don’t count up your accomplishments. You walk in each day and do the best that you can, you give back and you help others. And you do that because it’s the right thing to do.

When retirement comes, you personally find a sense of pride in those accomplishments. But when someone comes along and says to you that those accomplishments made a difference, that in the long run they will matter; it’s extraordinarily humbling.

But I think it’s also a bit of a shock because you have a sense of urgency that goes along with that. You want to make sure everyone knows that this is not recognition for my work or my accomplishments.  It’s the team.

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