A little humor to go along with our new normal

Does anyone know where all our workers have gone? This is the latest million-dollar or should I say billion-dollar question. I sure would like to know, as would most every business and consumer across the country.

Everywhere I go I see help wanted signs, lobbies closed, only drive-ups open, and service that—let’s just say—it is not good. You feel lucky if you get what you ordered, a smile occasionally sure would be nice and how about those prices! Oh and don’t forget to tip your—everybody? I mean seriously—drive- p windows with tip jars—self-service, yet tip the person that greeted you. Anyone have a tip jar at the teller line yet, or maybe the FSR desk?

We just went through the Great Resignation, and now we have the “Quiet Quitters?” Quiet quitting happens when an employee consciously cuts back on their productivity and engagement at work—without actually leaving the job. What’s next— how about pay without work? We will pay you just so you can say you have a job, but we certainly wouldn’t want you to strain yourself. Hey, why not, I feel like we are knocking on that door.

Two jobs for every unemployed worker, who is going to fund my social security account when I retire, assuming I get any social security benefit? Hiring bonuses, firing bonuses, staying bonuses, referral bonuses, maybe we should have a bonus for getting a bonus!


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