A look into the future: What will credit unions be like in 25 years?

Wouldn’t all of our jobs be easier if we could look into a crystal ball?  Year-end predictions are usually pretty interesting to read.  Predictions for the where the credit union landscape will be in the year 2040 highlights some very noteworthy challenges and bright spots. Let’s look at the future according to the current and emerging trends making up the predictions that Credit Union Times is reporting on for the year 2040:

“There are fewer than 3,000 credit unions serving more than 150 million members. Credit unions are also in fierce competition with P2P lenders that emerged after the Great Recession of 2008.

Consumers commonly use wearable virtual reality devices to shop for everything – including financial services – to support their lifestyles. It will be more common for people to live beyond 100 years.

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