A phone call isn’t a failure

“Digital first” doesn’t mean “digital only”

There’s plenty of research to suggest the pandemic accelerated the adoption of digital tools in the credit union space. Now that members have discovered the convenience of digital tools, many plan to keep on using them. Innovative credit unions continue to work toward and refine the “digital first” experiences today’s consumers demand.

But a focus on “digital first” doesn’t mean going “digital only.” Here’s why.

Digital is a great first choice for many things…

Ever hopped onto your online banking app to find out when your payment was due or whether that check had cleared? You expected—and hopefully were able—to get those questions answered without waiting in a phone queue. Or how about that time you needed to fill out a loan application and couldn’t get to it until 10 p.m.? An online application was just what you needed. Those are perfect examples of “digital first.” These are all situations where member goals were clear and straightforward, and human interaction wasn’t necessary or was a poor use of member and staff time. In short, digital was the better option.


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