A podcast is a tremendous tool for credit unions

Podcasts are all the rage and, as your members’ best financial partner, it certainly makes a lot of sense to consider making the investment to develop one that you can use to help serve them. A podcast is truly a multi-purpose tool that can be used across numerous platforms to build awareness, help members make better financial decisions, highlight programs and services, and bring in subject matter experts to educate and inform.

There are many reasons to invest in a podcast for your credit union. Let’s explore just a few.

Minimal investment, maximum return. The investment in equipment, time and other support (editing service, etc.) is relatively small for the amount of content and usefulness of your podcast product. The podcast itself is a tremendous marketing tool and can be promoted to your members, potential members, community partners and others as you build the audience. With simple editing, you can create clips for use across all social media platforms that will greatly increase your reach. Clips or segments can be embedded into things like electronic newsletters to highlight a particular product or service, thereby reaching even more people. Finally, with small and simple advertising efforts, you can promote the podcast with digital advertising to grow even more.

Building awareness. Your current members know you and probably love you. But how can you grow your membership? The podcast, and its array of relevant and useful content is a great way to reach out to consumers in the market for a great financial partner. Members can be encouraged to share content that you provide, and simple digital advertising can get your message out to those who may be looking for what you have to offer.

Captive audience. We all spend a lot of time in our vehicles – commuting, going to appointments, running to and from kids activities, etc. Podcasts are the hottest growing trend and people are looking for your content. As your members’ best financial partner, you are in the perfect position to be subject matter experts on a wide variety of financial subjects that are important to your members. From budgeting tips, to investment and financial advice, to planning for kids’ college, to getting a car loan or a mortgage, you and your employees are a tremendous resource for members. Providing this information in a podcast brings it right to where your members are, and they don’t have to seek it out elsewhere.

Great tool for promotion and partners. As you build and grow your podcast, you can use it to feature events, rate specials, CD promotions and all the great community events your credit union is involved with. You can bring in guests to interview – such as event organizers, or financial experts in a specific area. When you do that, you open up to an even wider audience as the expert will likely have their own audience and want to share with them. The opportunities are really endless.

And while it may seem like “everyone is doing it,” when it comes to podcasts, the sky really does seem to be the limit. Because of the nature of credit unions – the services, advice and support that we offer to our members – we really are poised for success in this arena. Our members trust us, and we can provide relevant information to improve their financial lives. It’s a win-win.

Patti Hazlett

Patti Hazlett

As Director of Public Affairs, Patti oversees all aspects of public relations and communications for the Association and member credit unions. She is responsible for developing and maintaining relationships with ... Web: https://mwcua.com Details

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