A thunderstorm or a brainstorm – effective meetings

The word “meeting” might as well be a four-letter word. Come on… admit it. If you’re like us, you’ve at least uttered a four-letter word (or two, three or four) when you get that unexpected calendar notification pop up. Ding!

Research suggests we lose $338 in average salary costs per meeting. Sixty-three percent of meetings are conducted without a pre-planned agenda. Think about how many meetings are for nothing more than meeting sake. There are more than 11 million meetings a day in America, and nearly half (45%) are staff meetings.

Ding! … f***.

However, at YMC we have made some headway for more productive meetings. In fact, they are not only becoming more effective, they are becoming more fun. If your credit union or community bank is experiencing “meeting hell,” give some of these tips a shot.


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