According to that bumper sticker…

I once saw a bumper sticker that said,

“Organized people are just too lazy to search for stuff.”

That’s cute.

But did you know?

  • Americans waste more than 9 million hours every day looking for lost things
  • Unnecessary costs (late fees, rush charges, last minute shopping at premium prices) can cost as much as 20% of your annual budget
  • When asked, 91% of workers said they would be more effective if their workspace was better organized

Whether they realize it or not, businesses are potentially wasting money and man power simply by not being as organized as they could be. A study of one office showed that they exhausted $48,000 every week ($2.5M per year!) due to their inability to locate information. Now that may be an extreme case, but if all it took to save some serious moolah was to be more organized, who wouldn’t want to do it?

Not only can you save money by being more organized, you can save tons of time! By getting clean and tidy and having a solid plan you can use your time more effectively. No more searching for that lost folder or that missing receipt or that phone number. There’s a reason that “a place for everything and everything in its place” is a cliché. Because it’s true! Then, when you (or someone else!) needs something, you know exactly where it is. With all that time you’re not spending looking for things, you can move onto other projects. Imagine how having more time in a day would improve your stress level!

The benefits don’t end there. Having an uncluttered workspace increases your image and appearance to others. One study showed that almost 75% of people in the workplace were influenced by the way their colleagues desks were organized. If it affects coworkers so much, how does that impact your client’s impressions? A well-kept office increases your respectability, and therefore, your value to your customers.

Make the overwhelming seem manageable.

Cultivate order and function in your world today!

And ask that bumper sticker guy if he would rather be “lazy” now.

Brittany Klasing

Brittany Klasing

Brittany Klasing is a Service Representative at Systemax Corporation where the focus is mind blowing customer service. Brittany works to coordinate all of the moving parts for a client project. ... Web: Details

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