Achieve efficiency in credit union operations by doing these 6 things

We live in a world where less has become more. Hybrid technology cars have given us the ability to go greater distances on less fuel. Dietitians developed vitamin and protein packed shakes to keep us fuller for longer. Watching a season of the latest TV show can be streamed all at once, with no commercials. Tasks that used to take hours or weeks to complete, now process in a matter of minutes thanks to advancing technology. The right technology enables you to improve your credit union operations and efficiencies, getting more done than ever before, and increasing revenues without having to hire more people. One way to measure operational efficiency is with the “members per full-time employee” ratio. If you are able to increase the number of members you serve, without hiring more full-time employees, you are using resources effectively, and most likely taking advantage of automated technology.

Here are 6 ways your staff can achieve greater output with less input:


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