Addressing member needs by understanding their generation

Exceptional credit union member services is one major attribute that sets credit unions apart from banks. The importance of providing members with services that exceed their expectations and anticipate their needs is critical to The Credit Union Difference. However, member services are not a one size fits solution… it’s much more complex. How can your credit union ensure you’re providing the best service to all your members? Taking a look at what makes a member different from the rest is a great first step. Address the needs of every member by first understanding what they expect.

Baby Boomers (born between the years 1946 – 1964).

Baby boomers are true loyalists to the branch office. They prefer to make their financial decisions or transactions at their local, trusted branch. While this generation has smart phones and uses them regularly, they don’t often pay bills or transfer money with them out of fear of possible mistakes, either on the part of the technology or their use of the technology. So when it comes to addressing the needs of your baby boomer members, acknowledge what they continue to value. Be sure that every interaction they have at the branch office is convenient and consistent. If your credit union is making strides to upgrade features digitally, be sure to keep your boomers in mind and create a strategy to get them involved with the updates in a way they will be comfortable and confident. This generation has a specific interest in healthcare and wealth management, so cater features to to address these needs.

Generation X (born between the years 1961 – 1978)

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