Are you agile at adapting to change?

Charles Darwin is famous for the idea of “survival of the fittest.” But, notably, it’s not the strongest species that survives, nor the most intelligent. It’s the one that’s most adaptable to change.

Today, the credit union movement operates in an age of rapidly evolving technology, increasing consumer expectations and new financial industry regulations and challengers. Darwin’s theory may be historic, but it’s as true as ever for our industry today.

To thrive in today’s environment, credit unions face three key challenges:

  1. understand the needs of people they serve better;
  2. keep up with the shifting preferences of the people and families they serve.
  3. manage disruption effectively. (Today, Uber is the largest cab company and owns no cabs. AirBnB provides accommodations and owns no properties. Lending Club is a fast-growing lender and has no branches.
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