ALCO meetings are more fun when results prove you picked the right financial partner

by QuantyPhi Balance Sheet Optimization Services

Who you partner with for financial services matters.

Partnerships are instrumental in growing any business. They foster innovation, improve operational efficiency, keep your credit union technologically relevant, and add a wealth of expertise. However, be wary when choosing those partners. Not all organizations looking to team up with your credit union will put your credit union’s best interests first. Outside-the-industry firms are not likely to share your same goals—simply because those firms work to serve shareholders, not members. That mismatch in priorities can not only negatively affect your credit union’s profitability and risk exposure, it can negatively affect trust.

Where can your credit union find a capable, trustworthy financial partner?

Start looking in your own backyard. The credit union community, via its CUSOs, corporates, and specialists, has become just as sophisticated with investment services, liquidity control, benchmarking, data analysis, technology, compliance, and asset-liability management as outside-the-industry counterparts. In addition, when you team up with collaborative, credit union industry partners, you not only get industry know-how, you get trustworthy teammates who share your goals.  

QuantyPhi’s goals are your goals.

QuantyPhi is a full-spectrum financial services CUSO that is owned by credit unions and serves only credit unions. A trusted credit union partner, QuantyPhi is known for its high level of financial expertise, transparent pricing, proven balance sheet optimization methods, and more. Helping credit unions peak perform, no matter how the market swings, is QuantyPhi’s specialty. QuantyPhi’s goals are your goals.

What can QuantyPhi do for you?

QuantyPhi offers a full range of financial services that include:

When you partner with trusted financial experts who work in your credit union’s best interests, you meet more goals—and you make ALCO meetings more fun.

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